Foolish Notion


This poems is adapted from my daily intent writing practice. I am an optimist and, despite the massive evidence to the contrary (the deadly wars, the daily violence, and the climate of madness we have created with each other and the world), I still believe love will eventually conquer all. It’s not really a Christmas poem but it seems fitting right now, given all that is going on in the world.

Are you an optimist?
What do you think is needed for us to survive as a species on this planet?

© NIck LeForce
All Rights Reserved

Today, I greet nightfall with a fearless grin 
and the foolish notion that love conquers all.  

It is not actually true, of course, unless 
you set your desire for it and then 
use creative math to account for 
the ills of the world, especially 
in this trumped up era. 

In fact, it is downright delusional. 

But delusion is our greatest weapon 
for living long and prosperous lives. 

Otherwise, who among us 
would stand up to the stars? 

Who would claim this year’s victory 
means something when the universe 
is expanding exponentially and a father 
gets killed at a party by a stray bullet.  

We’ve got nothing on fate, so why prosecute? 

The earth spins on its axis, no matter how 
far ahead we cast our desire, and we will 
blow by the target in an instant every time, 
arms flailing wildly to grab it on the pass. 

So, the best place to stake a claim is right 
at our feet, to make the moment the target 
and ride it like a stallion through our lives. 

Everything beyond that is fair game, 
fodder for loss and destruction and 

there is no insurance to cover broken hearts,
dashed hopes, and dead dreams.  
The next best thing is to greet nightfall 
with a fearless grin and the foolish notion 
that love conquers all.

Note: A recent news reported that a stray bullet killed a man at a party. I do not know how they determined it was a “stray” bullet, but the whole incident was reported as an unfortunate accident. The line in the poem, “we’ve got nothing on fate, so why prosecute?” isn't meant to ignore justice. The person who pulled the trigger should be confronted with the result of the action and face the consequences.