Life At Our Fingertips

Of all the fine things in life, 
nothing surpasses a delicate touch. 

Where would we be if we could not
thread needles, button shirts, pull the trigger
and still stay true to our aim? 

Fingers are too sensitive to be close to the heart, 
otherwise we would be reduced to tears
by what we touch.  

The hardest choice we will ever make
is the choice to drop our weapons. 

That’s why we must travel all the way
to our own extremities to learn to love. 
Then everything we encounter becomes
a story around which we shape ourselves. 

When we are touched by what we touch, 
every act is precious. 

I do not know anyone who lives this way, 
but even a single moment on the edge
and there is no turning back. 

The best we can do is to make a practice
of feeling, with exquisite attention,
life at our fingertips. Perhaps then, 
over time, we can develop a Midas touch
and learn to find the gold in the life we live.


We feel the preciousness of life when the heart cracks open and we find ourselves touched by everyday experiences. These moments are little awakenings, spiritual blessings that can change our attitude and our lives. To me, these are the moments that make it all worthwhile, even though they are sometimes bitter, as when we fall into an ocean of sadness for the innocent suffering or the loss of a loved one. But these are also the times when we find the gold in our lives!

Do you have the Midas Touch? 

The Phrygian King Midas' was obsessed with gaining immeasurable wealth. His wish for a golden touch was granted and everything he touched turned to gold. The tale goes on to say that he died of starvation because even his food, and, sadly, his own daughter, were turned to gold by his touch. It is a cautionary tale about our current obsession with personal wealth. This poem, Life At Our Fingertips, celebrates another kind of gold that we can only find by living a soulful life. 

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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