Life Dignified

Stay very quiet. 

Hide behind the fence that separates you
from your own natural landscape. 

Angle your eyes to look through the crack
and spy on what is wild and free in you. 

Be attentive.

Be an anthropologist of the soul. 
Write notes in the diary of your heart, 
carefully, meticulously, as if you will one day
publish your findings in the archives of life
and make known how the soul lives:

it's patterns and routines, it's language, 
it's rights of passage and modes of courtship, 
it's longings and its learnings and all that it loves.

Let this notebook be your lesson in nobility,
your guide to a life dignified by presence,
a life lived as no other, wild, free, and truly your own. 

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

What if you were an anthropologist of the soul? What would your observation about the life of the soul teach you? What helps your soul to live and thrive?

Below is a video recording of the poem along with some commentary. Please share your comments in the comments section at the bottom of the page.