Pause Now

Pause now, long enough to turn your attention
to the quiet underneath the noise of the world; 

to listen to the whispered secrets of your soul, 
to return to what lives at your core

and to embrace, once again, the unspoken
and unbroken vows of the heart.

Pause now, long enough to drop the effort
to patch up the torn and tattered edges of your life, 
to let what is incomplete in you be
not your prison walls but your gateway
to all that is yetto come.

Pause now, long enough to let your breath
be waves of the infinite flowing in and out
until you arrive, at last, at the place
where all questions end and you, yourself, 
become endless...

This is one of my all-time favorite poems and I have used it in many classes and workshops as a reminder to take time to connect more deeply with ourselves. 

Do you have a regular practice of pausing?
How do you stay centered in a world that is continually pulling us off?

Click below to watch a video recital of the poem.

This poem was published in my second book of poetry, "Endless Horizon."
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