Walk With Dignity

Celebrate today, 
beginning to end,
with endless gratitude
because all the odds
are against your existence. 

Live on the edge
of your promise, 
casting forth
your tenderness
as if it is a welcome mat
laid out for each step.

Do not let
your faults and folly
lay waste to your life. 

Define yourself, 
not by your limits, 
but by your love.

So, live this day
as if it is all you’ve got. 
Rise up, stand your ground, 
sing your song. 

Cast forth your tenderness: 
lay it over the whole of life
and walk this wondrous landscape
with all the dignity you can muster. 

Adapted from my daily intent for Jun 30, 2017.  You can read blog entries in the series for Daily Intent by clicking here:

Numerous benefits derive from being in a state of gratitude. When we truly consider how lucky we are simply to be alive, when we receive the gifts of life with thanks giving, when we transform our suffering into lessons for living and love of life, we enter a magic kingdom and live a blessed life.  Gratitude may be the best antidote to the cynicism of the modern world.

Writing prompt
(start with the stem sentence and write freely for 10 minutes without editing):

When living on the edge of my promise I...


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