I have written
enough of the heart! 
I have taken
my oath on the stand. 
I have told my truth.
My service as the witness
has been fulfilled. 

The content of my calendar
no longer serves
as my security blanket, 
my fiscal standing
no longer signifies self-worth
and the worry
that I am not enough
is only a cover
I spread over the truth.

Peel it away
and the world
is abundant, 
a garden of eden
where I am a happy fool
who does not care
about lacking a fig leaf.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved


The biblical story of Adam and Eve tells that they grew ashamed of their nakedness after eating the fruit of the tree of good and evil.  Perhaps the story reveals how we lost our ability to be "naked," that is to be transparent, or even more accurate, to be honest with ourselves. Fig leaves then represent our cover up. Our secret shame is perpetuated by a society that pins our individual worth on money and things, and places importance on a busy calendar. No wonder we are so lost in chasing a mirage and filling our days with trivia!

On what do you base your self-worth?

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