A Day Well Lived

A day well-lived
does not require
perfect moments
or completed tasks, 
does not need
grand acts or
touching moments. 

A day well-lived
does not only come
with blue skies
and warm skin, 
with happy times
and loving friends, 
with pats on the back
and a soulmate
at your side. 

A day well-lived is not
an accident of nature, 
not a chance spinning
of the wheel.  

It is the day
we take stock
of our world, stop
excusing ourselves, 
and step into our life. 
It is the day we stand
by what we love; 
the day we live
from heart and soul;  
the day we choose
to start and end
with gratitude. 

If this you do, 
then this is your day
and this is a day well-lived. 

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We humans are masters of complicating our world and our lives. We use these brilliant brains against ourselves, layering entitlements over life and  shading the world with complaints when it does not comply with our wishes.  This poem, A Day Well-Lived, celebrates the simplicity of life by shifting our perspective from what the world should deliver to us to what we bring  to life.

How do you start and end your day?What do you bring to life?

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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