Start Here

We take the steps as directed  
on the treasure map,  
feeling each footstep  
meet the ground
with increasing urgency,  
knowing we are
ever so close,  
our eyes peeled
for the deathly safeguards  
all great treasure hiders
put into play to protect
their booty,  

using our wit and whim  
to navigate our way,  
knowing it may well be  
another false lead
or foolish pursuit,  
but loving it all the same; 
investing our hearts
in the hunt and what
it requires of us:  

that we strip ourselves
of expectation while
living in anticipation;  
that we find that pure place  
that makes us worthy of favor;
that we walk on in the face  
of certain dangers,  
trusting life to guide us  
or to take us, if it is our time…  

because we are gliding on  
the slippery surface  
of excitement and fear,  
uncertain, at times,  
which is which,  
sparking our senses  
into full alert and feeling  
fully alive, thrilled  
with the adventure   
and whatever it may bring!   

Praise be to the treasure seekers,  
whether the search results  
in astonishing success
or utter failure,  for ours
is the life worth living:  

straddling the edge
of fantastic discoveries,  
risking  futility and humiliation  
at least in the eyes of others, 

but knowing, always knowing,  
that we lived by heart, 
that we fulfilled a promise,  
that we stayed true to our purpose,  
which has always been as seekers  
of the human spirit, hunters
of secret wisdom, lovers
of distant stars and hidden moons;

knowing, deep down inside, 
that the real treasure is in us,  
in the life lived through dead ends
wasted detours, and odd events, 

living the unwritten
and uncelebrated
legend of our lives, 
fully, freely, and all at once, 

simply by taking another step
toward the divine, another step
toward the gateway to heaven
that waits for us all, where, 
inscribed on the archway, 
it reads: “Seek and Ye Shall Find.”

On the surface, my life is an odd mix of glamorous travel and mundane moments. But the real adventure, for me, is inside: living in a world teetering on the edge of imagination, filled with unfounded dangers and fantastic delights, found even in the simplest acts. I imagine myself to be an everyday adventurer finding treasures in the mundane moments of life.   

Are you a treasure hunter?
What treasure do you seek in life? 

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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