Secrets On The Edge

Open the door
to the secrets
you keep
on the edge
of your life,
your morning coffee
and small talk
with colleagues,
away from
your family
and friends,
beyond even
your dirty laundry
and hidden vices.

the deep secrets
that circle you
in the night
like hungry jaguars
ready to pounce
on your weakness
and your worry
because angels
often appear
as enemies
to those
whose eyes
are ruled by fear.

We readily sort
for what we lack
and seldom embrace
what makes us noble.

We too often shun
our strength
and coddle
our weakness.

Our bodies
may be fragile,
our journey
but we are
miracles in motion,
our lives are
a magic act
creating something
out of nothing
in every moment.

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In my late teens and early twenties, I often had a strong feeling that something important had happened or was about to happen, something of which I should certainly be aware, but it remained unknown. It was a demanding feeling that sometimes put me on edge. I escaped it by concluding that I must have dreamt something that remained unconscious. The feeling still comes on occasion to this day. I have learned to welcome these deep secrets as a sign of something ripening in the nether regions of my soul.

Write for your eyes only:

What secrets live on the edge of your life?
Do they hold you back?
What would happen if they came out?

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved