Faith That Never Wavers


I set the dial for delight
walking a direct path
to my destiny. Today,

I promise to keep step,
to do my duties, to dream
my dreams, and to take action
according to plan. Today,

I let the whimsy of the world
entertain me, but I
am not swayed. Today,

I celebrate my Self.

I laugh in the face
of fatalism because I see
how easy it is to make
a solid choice when I anchor
my stronghold in a faith
that never wavers. Today,

I set the dial for delight
because all true strength
is sourced in love.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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My daily intent writing sessions often seed poems. Faith That Never Wavers is adapted from my intent for the day written on July 24, 2016.

Keeping balance in a world of distractions requires ongoing practice. Faith is an incredible resource, especially when it is freed from the strict boundaries placed on it by many in religious circles, which have laid claim to the word "faith." We can look beyond the easy answers to find our own faith and discover its grounds. When we do, we may be surprised at what we find.

In what do you place your faith when taking risks or moving forward in life? In what do you have a faith that never wavers?