Carefully Crafted

No matter how carefully crafted,
this drag and drop life,
or this cut and paste day,
or this puzzled piece I put in place
that forms the image of my self,

it can never be fulfilled
by ink on paper
by symbols on the screen
or by the target in my mind.

But this irrepressible yearning
for the one true verse of the heart,
for the lines of love I have yet to write,
is my doorway to the unruly wetlands
where the morning fog
gives cover to wild geese,
and the thick mist nourishes
a world vibrant and alive…

a world I cannot walk in
without muddied boots and wet skin,
a world I cannot leave untouched
unless I am untouched by it.

So it is with the carefully crafted life:
drag and drop, cut and paste,
aiming for a world where
the sun always shines
and the fog never shows.

In this world,
the lines of love always live
somewhere over the rainbow,
the golden apple always lies
just out of reach, while the life
I long to live is just a step away.  

No carefully crafted reply will do
for the one question that begs
for an answer from me now:

what do my feet know
that my head does not?

The answer to that question
is where I find the next step,
no matter how thick the fog,
and where the wild in me
always lands on solid ground.

© 2016 Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

My irrepressible yearning is writing poetry.
What is your irrepressible yearning?

What do your feet know that your head does not about walking the path you are meant to walk?

Please share your thoughts and comments below!