Only A Lifeboat

I stand up to reason:
it keeps me away from you,
and away from the rocky shores
that have dashed too many hopeful boats.

I feel my heart sink in lonely seas
without realizing it is held
in an ocean of love
that even now
laps against your shore.

You are the lighthouse,
the beacon of promise
and the siren of alert,
toward which I sail.

I drop anchor,
tether my ship to hidden depths,
and make my way to you.  

Only a lifeboat will carry me
to your curved cove
where white sands
glisten in the sun.

Photo, Poem, and Recital © Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

And there, hanging
between the palms,
a hammock
sways in the breeze.

© 2016 Nick LeForce


Becoming adult often means quelling our passion so that we can live in the world and get along with others. The unfortunate trade-off is that many of us suppress all of our passion, not just the anti-social impulses or unruly behavior that arise out of passion. Maturity reclaims passion and channels it into productive activity, creative work, and spiritual development. My journey has been a journey from the head to the heart and the gradual reclamation of my passion for life. This has required standing up to reason, leaving the safety of the ship, and boarding a lifeboat to risk the rocky shores and make my way to my dreams.

One of my primary passions is writing and poetry. What is your passion?

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