I Shouldn't Say it, but...

My heart is a river
flowing into your ocean
and I lose myself
in your eyes
even as you look off
to a distant horizon. 

I turn myself inside out
to hear your voice
because I become a cloud
in your presence. 

I am filled with pent-up tears
shifted and shaped by your winds, 
and I drift across the sky
on my way to you.

How can I tell you
that you have your finger
on the pulse of my soul? 
How can I tell you
that your’s is the doorway
I have always dreamt of opening?

I shouldn’t say it, but… 
I tremble before you. 

My words cannot match
the promise in your smile; 
my words cannot crown
the beauty you bring into my life. 

In your presence, I am
a billion tiny drops of moisture
floating in heaven, held together
by forces I cannot fathom, 
burdened and bursting joyful
and when you speak, 
I am rent asunder, 
pouring out my life
onto the ground.


Listen while you read:

Poem, Picture, and Recital © 2016 Nick LeForce
Excerpted from A Season of Longing

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