Thanksgiving is a time to release the claims
we have placed on life for past injustice,
to release the limits we place on our hearts
from our own unresolved guilt,
to let go of the strings we attach
to giving and recieving
so that we may embrace
the abundance of our lives.
Thanksgiving is a time to remember
that the world is filled with people
suffering beyond the worst pains
most of us ever have endured or will ever bear.

Today, I give thanks that I live in rich times,
surrounded by luxuries many dare not even dream,
my life filled with freedom and fortune
beyond imagining by the vast majority
of those who have lived on this planet.
Today, I give thanks to my family and my friends,
to my colleagues and my students,
and to all those who have touched my life
and whose life I touch.

May we come together in spirit,
bringing our best to each other,
so that we may elevate the lives of all
and create the dream world
we are meant to manifest.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!