Deepen My Devotion

I look around at the mess I’ve created on the journey to clarity. I am not dissatisfied by the years of trivia to which I have given a home, but I find what it reflects in my relationship with things troublesome. If things are merely useful tools or reminders of significant moments or links back to cherished one’s or meaningful extensions of one’s self, then I have made myself and my life a mess. I am beginning to see how I could live differently if focused on what sparks joy and if I surrounded myself with what I love and what truly serves my thriving in life. This evening, before I give myself to the night, I will say a little prayer for the heartless inhabitants of my home, wishing them all well on their onward journey, knowing they have taught me how to live with distress, and inspired me to deepen my devotion to the love of my life! 

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I wrote this as my “daily intent” for Monday, January 14, 2019 while deep in the throes of the Konmari Method of Tidying up my home. For more entries in my daily intent series, click the link below.

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The Konmari method is based primarily on keeping in your home what sparks joy rather than cluttering your house with mostly and joyless needless things. I have sorted through clothes and books and now working on paper. This one is more challenging because I have accumulated several files of paper (old workshop notes, references materials, outdated business papers, etc) along with random piles of paper I’ve kept for making collages or simply because of indecisiveness and inability to toss out trivia. The house truly is a huge mess now, in the middle of the process, partly because I also decided to do some rearranging of furniture. I still have the biggest mess ahead: the garage. But I’ve got a glimmer of hope it will all come together in the end with clean lines and warm colors, and with enough open space in an uncluttered home for love to flourish.