Wording The World

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The quality of your life is not just a result of your conditions. It is also in the eyes with which you see it, the heart you bring to it, and ultimately, the language you use to describe it.  The word "context" comes from the middle English and Latin derivatives "con" + "texere," which means "the weaving together of words."  How you word the world (the stories you tell and the language you use to understand and describe your experience) determines the quality of your life, the possibilities you see, and the choices you make. 

“Wording the World” is a five-step process to transform your experience into wisdom through writing and to create empowering narratives that support a fuller expression of yourself in life. What if you could learn to word your world in a way that brings you to life and life to you, that brings out your seductive charm, and that allows you to live beautifully?

In this workshop, you will learn to: 

•      Transform perception into expression through writing
•      Connect more deeply with your own experience
•      Deepen and enrich your personal narrative
•      Give voice to the wisdom within you

This workshop is for both non-writers (those interested in using writing to deepen their experience; e.g occasional writers, journal writers, etc) and writers (both new and practiced writers wanting to explore their inner journey).

Time: Sunday, June 24, 2018 12 – 4 PM
Location: Sacramento Poetry Center
1719 25thSt, Sacramento Ca
Cost: Free

Be sure to bring a pen and paper or notebook!