Still Blossoming

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I look ahead to you looking back at this remarkable journey! You know the challenges we faced, the love we gave, the beauty we found, and the grace and guidance we received that gave us the courage to follow this path with heart. I see the twinkle in your eye growing stronger and brighter through the years and now it serves as a beacon of light for fellow pilgrims learning how to live love into life. You have answered the call, crossed the threshold, faced your demons, found your gifts, and brought back to the world an anchor in life that holds no matter how treacherous the sway of tide and time or how compelling the taunt and tug of the world. 

You know the discipline it took to walk this path, the effort required to live and move through the days in a confused and challenged world, how you had to find a different kind of ease in life and discover new ways to extend your heart into the world. You are still blossoming despite the weathering of your life, still rising into your spirit despite an aging body, still flowing the fountain of life through your sacred presence despite the forces that overwhelm you.   

And you have more to offer, more depth of meaning and more profound truth because you shine light into  shaded canyons and shadowed corners and you have wrestled the blessing from an Angel of the Night. So, keep your eyes locked on your guiding star and, though your footsteps may occasionally falter, you will not waver from your path. In this act, you bring your love to your life walking this path with heart.  

This piece has been in the drafts section of this blog for a few months. It was written for the spring and, since it missed the timing, I let it linger and just now, on rereading it, realized it could apply at any time. It is from my series of "Letters to My Future Self" written on July 18, 2017 for reading on May 30, 2018. For more in the series, click here: