A Step In Our Transformation

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2018, a year in which the world grew strange and we became strangers, a year of building walls and driving wedges, a year of thumbing our nose at our allies, turning our backs on immigrants, and pulling the rug out from under our promises, a year teaching our children to viciously condemn those who criticize us and bully and badger others to get our way, a year of denying facts and promoting fake news; in short, a banner year for the worst in us. 

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But also the year of courageous stances and rising voices, of exposing the violence and abuse against color, creed, and sex exercised by those in power, both wittingly and unwittingly, because twisted privileges and ingrained biases have been institutionalized; a year of hope when helping hands reached out in the face of so many disasters; when we learned again the great lesson that whatever we have can be taken from us and, in the end, we must rely on each other. 

The skies may seem darkened, the storms may gather, but the sun, even when unseen, still shines and when these glimmers of light break through the clouds, I feel hopeful that what we endure now is a step in our transformation to become more fully human, and that we, at last, live the story we tell ourselves: that we are made in the image of God and God is love.