Let Us Dream Love Into Life

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We are woven into this world out of the fabric of love; colored threads cross together in our DNA, the weft of our kin interlaced with the warp of humanity; the tracks and traces of all races live in us. We have a choice to embrace the core of our DNA or go against our own life. No matter how “pure” we imagine our genes, we arose from the same source which links us into a web. To cut any part of the web weakens us all. We divorce ourselves from love and betray our own source when we hate those who do not look or think as we do. 

We are woven into this world out of the fabric of love and we can, if we choose, weave a tapestry that tells another story: how we rise above our own destruction; how we learn to lift each other up, how we learn to help each other shine, and how we learn to work together to create the dream planet to which we all belong and in which we may all thrive. Such a world may seem beyond our reach, the challenges may seem too big and the gap too wide. The greatest lesson of our rise as a species is that all things we create start with a dream. I choose to dream love into life. Will you join me?

After the clash in Charlottesville, and the attacks in Barcelona, and other places around the world, it seems harder and harder to hold out hope for a world of compassion. We may be at a tipping point because the choices we face are becoming clearer. It may take more compassion than we have ever mustered before, because there is no greater challenge than to bring compassion to the face of hate. We do not put out a fire by fanning the flames and hate is not healed by hating. I know it is easy to proclaim such sentiments as a "bystander;" because I have not been in the thick of it. I have not faced down a neo-nazi or been in the line of fire of a suicide bomber. I write these lines from a safe haven and do not really know what lows to which I might stoop if my life were on the line.

Hate and anger are very powerful emotions, the quintessential weapons of the "dark side" of the force. So, I write these words keenly aware of my own limits and the limits of those who live in a world where violence seems the only solution and the face of the oppressor is imprinted in their minds. I do not have an answer. I do not know the way. But I do know the power of a dream and I believe it starts here, in my heart, in my words, and in my life.