No Need, Desire, Urge, Or Cause

I look out across the Hong Kong Harbor, grey clouded skies dim the morning light,  a single birdsong breaks the monotonous rumble of rushed traffic, the background gurgle that could be the distant sound of river water were it not for the occasional odd roar of a diesel engine or the squeal of brakes rising above the swoosh and swash of life on the move.  I have this one day here, this break between the worlds, this layover in the land of ancient wisdom swept up in modern life, the remnants of which cling to the few inches between the ears of those whose ancestors fished the harbor, harvested the land, and inked the scrolls with their stories. 

Later today, I will walk the streets with a camera in my hand and a hat on my head, wearing my safari pants and travel shirt, privileged to be a tourist with no need to wear down my eyes sightseeing, no desire to tire my muscles climbing the steps to the temple peaks, no urge to empty my pockets for trinkets to take home, and no cause to stir my breathless step through now-or-never land. So these grey skies offer a welcome respite, hanging like a silky cool blanket between me and the urgency of my life, slipping slowly overhead, like a lover’s hand gently passing over my eyes and whispering me into a luscious slumber, granting me the unending pleasure of this one moment.  

I love those moments in life when I let go of my drive to get things done, when I take advantage of my time in exotic places, and simply enjoy the world as it is. 

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

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