Forfeit Why; Embrace How

When the room is filled with magic, when hearts are open and spirits eager, the world invites us out to play, and we can, once again, take delight in "the one life we are given." This is not a nostalgic return to the naive innocence of childhood, not a dismissal of the cruelty of life nor a denial of the suffering that our fragile egos and vulnerable bodies endure.

"This one life we are given" is a quote from poet Mark Nepo, a cancer survivor and spiritual guide who has brought solace and relief to many through his poetry. He is best known for his "Book of Awakenings," which was endorsed by Oprah. 

It is, instead, a celebration of the astonishing privilege and mystery of existence. Everything changes the moment we forfeit our never-ending quest for an all-encompassing “why" and embrace the more immediate “how." The moment we stop waiting for the grand plan to be revealed to us, the moment we stop driving our stake into life on purpose, and start raising the bar on ourselves, we then start living our best answer to the question of how we live today, of what we will do with this one life we are given, in this one moment we have right now.

What is your best answer, right now, to the question of how to live today?
What will you do today with this one life you are given?

Excepted From my Daily Intent for April 15, 2017.
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