Blossoming Into Abundance

This letter comes to you when the day and night find equals in each other and the northern hemisphere turns toward the sun to harvest the light. Spring glorifies birth and the source that gives rise to the nascent seed.  It is time to pray for renewal and celebrate that which has endured the winter in order to blossom again.

This is a day to find the equal in my self. Here, at the mirror’s edge, I am the day and night twins, the complements that complete each other.  My eyes see both sides, upside and downside, inside and outside. Today,  my heart seeds the dark in the light and the light in the dark. This is the yin and yang where all things come into being, blossom, and die into life in endless cycles, nested within one another, and spinning out a universe within which my little life has its place and time. 

I shrink infinitesimally, approaching nothingness, while also stretching out to the infinite, approaching all.  I am on a collision course with myself. There will come a time when the two will meet, when the seeds of all my visions will burst into being, when the fields I have planted will spring forth into glory to the astonishment of all who witness with Angel’s eyes. This is my equinox, the turning of my season. This is a time to pray for fulfillment. The conditions are ripe for all my effort to now blossom into abundance!

This blog is a "Letter To My Future Self," written in May 2016 to be read on March 20, 2017.  To read other letters in the series, click on the tag below.

Today is the spring equinox, the turning of winter into spring.   Spring is the season of hope, the season when seeds give birth to buds and buds become blossoms. To the soul, it is the season for planting the seeds of our future vision and to nurturing them until they burst into being. This is a time to pray for the conditions to ripen our effort into abundance!

Are you planting and nurturing
the seeds of your future vision? 

How so?

What past effort are now
blossoming into abundance?

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All Rights Reserved

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