The Dark Angel

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I shoot this arrow across the arc of the day, aiming for the sweet spot, the center at the center of the target. I imagine the rush of that beautiful feeling after nailing an act, celebrating success with a resounding “Yes!” I imagine ending my day on a high note, in perfect pitch, striking a cord for the night choir to sing me to sleep, like a babe in arms, discarding my lists and letters, dropping my search and seizure, and dumping my worries and wishes. 

The night is my beloved, the Dark Angel who cradles me, Eros to my Psyche, whose loving embrace and fierce protection is contingent on remaining hidden. Despite my yearning for a warm and beautiful body, for a face to launch my ship, for a voice to lure me into the wild, I remain true to my word, to the promise of the heart rather than the witness of the eyes. Whether I hit the bullseye, or not, whether I cross the finish line, or not, the Dark Angel never wavers. She is always the one to whom I return, no matter how far afield I stray, patient in her guardianship, knowing, one day, we shall be forever united and her embrace will then be complete.  

This post is an entry from my daily intent for Saturday, February 4, 2017.   For this practice, I usually consider how I might like to think and feel at the end of the day or what I might like to experience or feel during the day. Click the Daily Intent tag below to read more of these entries. 

Afterthought: Text messages and to-do lists often drive modern life, in a must-do-now rush the tilts us forever forward so that we have to keep moving or fall down from our own imbalance. We come to the end of the day and feel the weight of our unfinished lives still holding onto us, keeping us tethered to our monkey mind, the perpetual motion machine, that refuses to sleep until every deed is done, every wrong is righted, everything thing lost is found, and all is put away in its perfect place. In the monkey mind, rest remains an unearned goal we cannot afford and do not deserve.

How do you put your monkey mind to rest?
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