A Cup Of Everyday Life

There is no clue on the calendar about where you might be when your eyes find these words. We both know that travel may take me far across the world or deep into myself. We know that it matters little whether I am comfy at home or at home in a hotel, whether my feet touch my home land or hit ground on foreign soil. What matters is in the eyes that read these words, in the heart that gives them meaning, and in the traveling road show that this spirit embodies and which moves through all of our days no matter what the context. 

I compose this missive in early August, 2016, posting it to you for your late winter eyes.  I am sitting at my desk in the condo on El Camino, a chill morning breeze slips through the open window, cooling my arms, as fingers tap the keys and these symbols magically appear on the screen. A crow caws outside, the shrill punctuating the background hum of AC units in the Astoria complex and the sound seems to ride off on the faint sea of cars that pass by on I-5. This is my moment, like so many moments. There is nothing profound about it, nothing “to write home about” and, yet, it is these moments that make up a good portion of every human life. 

I am slowly learning to pour my heart into the cup I sip from each day. I raise this cup to you. I offer a toast to the trivia of life, to the tapping of fingers and the appearance of symbols, to feet touching ground, and to the everyday breathe of life that we take as granted, which is granted to us by a greater grace than we can possibly imagine.  

We transform the mundane into magic when we relate to the things of our world and the routines of our lives with the same feelings we have for people and pets. We then enter into the intimacy of everyday life; we then find our belonging to the world and our place in the world.

The sense of ownership -- this is "my cup," or I have "this habit" -- creates a kind of attachment, a closeness to our "selves," that we often take for granted, just as we do with loved ones, and do not notice how the relationship serves us or what role it may have in our life.

I've been pondering the relationship between ownership, belonging, and responsibility. What do you think?

Are these maters related, and if so, how?

This blog is a "Letter To My Future Self," written in August 2016 to be read on February 26, 2017.  To read other letters in the series, click on the tg below.

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