The Other Side Of Darkness

I take the time to silence my mind, to still my body, to soothe my soul, and to find the deeper groove: the place of quiet contemplation, where truth blossoms into fragrant flowers and bears spirit-nourishing fruit; where love sprouts into life, spreading goodwill over the landscape of my life, and where I am at home in the world, fulfilling the promise born in me and anchored in my heart as a prayer. 

This is my moment. I speak my truth to the emptiness that cradles all things, to the source from which all things rise, to the yin in the yang and the yang in the yin, slipping with it through the pinpoint of creation to become my tomorrow and the new life that waits for me on the other side of darkness. 

© Nick LeForce
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From Daily Intent for February 15, 2017. Click the tag below for more entries.

What if you were born with a promise that your life is intended to fulfill? What might that promise be? One way to explore this is to do free writing, without editing, using  the writing prompt:

According to the promise born in me, I am here to...