Behold The Wild Beauty

photo taken at the street art mural jam on 21st st in sacramento.

photo taken at the street art mural jam on 21st st in sacramento.

This entry is another in the series of "Letters To My future Self." I pick a date n the future, check out my calendar, and compose a letter to be read on that day using ever note's reminder system to alert me at the designated time. This was written on February 13, 2017 to be read on November 4, 2017.  To read other Letters to Future Self, click the tag below.

Night Owl peers into the dark, seeing all, poised in perfect vigilance, peaceful at the watch, silently tracking movement and sound, and ready to swoop through air with ninja stealth. Elegance in action, a thing of beauty, the owl symbolizes the shadow self that lives outside the world of light; that lives in the nightshade world that we wish to tame. The pale yellow moon light casts shadows and secrets, provides cover for sneaky cat-burglars and courting lovers, changes the bitten into beasts who can only be saved by beauty. It is this frosty moon that silhouettes the silent seer, haunts the lonely heart, and lights the lost path to our deepest desire.

We are mid-way into the fall, the nights grow longer and days shorter. We have harvested our crops, prepared our homes for the coming winter, stocked up on supplies, at least enough to bear dormancy and to nourish our renewal in the dark. It is our time to turn inward, to be house bound and home steading, to gather our hearts into one and sing the songs of life lived in good times and bad. 

What do you do to honor the changing of the seasons and prepare for winter? 

Who are your nocturnal guardians? 

It is time to pray to our nocturnal guardians, to owl and mole, to bat and beaver, to coyote and kangaroo; to tiger and tarantula; time for seers and psychics to pierce the veil of night; to speak of changing seasons and recurring cycles, to anchor us in our history, to teach us our twin part in the struggle between light and dark, to orient us to our highest hopes, to inspire our poise in perfect vigilance as we learn to be peaceful at the watch and to swoop up what life offers with elegance. It is time to welcome the shadowed grace we left behind when we lost our innocence, to restore the dark truths that do not live in the light, to embrace the unseen world that births and bears the seen world. 

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I call on Owl: lend me your eyes, lend me your ears, lend me your feathered flight, teach me poise on my path, mentor my elegance in action, baptise me in the pale yellow light of this moon, birth my night vision so that I may behold the shadows and secrets of my deepest desire, so that I may behold the wild beauty that shall save my life!