Falling Before Grace

Rain weary from repeated storms, I look to ground saturated with another blitz, shimmering on the streets, puddling gutters, forming pools that block traffic, causing mayhem on the roads, waters rising to endanger lives, destroy property, and disrupt our routines. Lucky me, I have no outside duty to which I must respond. I use my home base, shielding me from the weather, at least for now, as a haven for creativity, and fervently produce another book of poetry, all the pieces almost ready, in a matter of days. Now in the proofing stage, Falling From Grace, A Collection of Love Poems, will be “on the shelves” at Amazon by end of next week! It’s a compilation of three e-books I have produced over the past three years for Valentine’s Day, turning them into a physical book as my 2017 Valentine’s Day offer. 

My 6th book of poetry is currently in the proofing stage and should be available around January 25, 2017, just in time for Valentine's Day! Poetry is the language of love and one of the finest ways to shoe and share your love for another si with the gift of poetry. 

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