That On Which I Rely

The lessening of light and the crisp morning wind signal the decline of warm days and hint of coming winter.  I use it as an opportunity to place myself in time and to remember this moment as the entry point for all that has been or will be. Time has its way with us all, wearing us down in dribbles, but also offers a catalyst for greatness in each moment, like a hole cut in the icecap where we can, as Roger Housden suggests, drop a line and catch a big fish, hooking our lives on metaphor, on the insights that become our creed, and on reasons to bear the burden of our glory.

I rely on life under the surface, hidden in the thicket, or camouflaged in shadow. I rely on my senses as a tiny wedge into the world, using it as grist for my mind as it creates and destroys illusions. I rely on the curated knowledge of the collective, the observations of untold millions, collected and collated into particle physics and folk remedies. I rely on the crisp air of a September morning to season my life.

I welcome the coming fall, my favorite season. I delight in the feel of changes underway, the quiet urgency of a time for harvest, and the joyful gathering of good works coupled with dropping off unneeded things in preparation for a retreat into winter's deep reflection. 

Adapted from my daily intent writing session for Sunday, September 4, 2016. For more entries in the Daily Intent series, click the tag below.

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I have always loved the fall and the cool air of these past few mornings have hinted at its impending arrival. The season does not formally start until the Autumnal Equinox on September 22, 2016 when the sun shines on the equator equalizing day and night for us all. I look forward to the coming fall, to harvesting the fruit of my labor, and to the time of retreat into winter's deep reflection.

On what do you rely to reconnect you with life or to place yourself in time?

What is your favorite season? If that season were a metaphor for your life, what does it tell you about yourself and how you live?