The World Offers Itself

You have always known how to live; always known that Life comes to you without hesitation and without reservation. It offers itself to you unconditionally. You choose to be open or closed. You can accept the invitation or let it pass. And you need not wait: you also know that when you bring yourself to life, life brings itself to you.

Celebrate the moment! Honor the world! Count yourself among the blessed ones who walk like fools in love, leaving footprints on sacred ground, hearts lit like a lantern for others to follow, and eyes filled with wonder at a world saturated with beauty.  My prayers for this road ahead combined with your gratitude for the same road traveled decorate the path in light and love, and I look ahead as you look back at the signs and symbols along the way, and highlight the moments it all came together.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

What have you always known about how to live?
How open or closed are you to life?

Please share your thoughts and comments below.

Written for my Daily Intent on September 17, 2016. In this practice, I write a note to myself in the morning to be read at night before retiring to bed. Hence the line like "I look ahead as you look back," etc.

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