LIfe Imprinted in Braille

Today, I keep to my breath, finding respite in this simple act, in the rhythm of give and take, of taking in from the world and giving out from myself. I love this border of self and other. I love to trace the thin surface of the luminous edge that separates the other-worldly from me with my fingertips, ever so slightly, as if I could read the secret messages from life imprinted in braille.

It takes patience to decipher such intricate artistry, to find meaning in the interplay of well worn grooves and newly formed lines, of clear signs and almost imperceptible glyphs. It takes patience and the slow unfolding of understanding to find patterns in the luminous architecture and to feel out the coded shapes that reveal the truths I have lived and the lessons I have learned.

Each day a new line, a deepening, a crisscross, a connection, a new stroke on an untouched surface, writing and rewriting my health and happiness, my love and longing, my presence and possibilities into life. Each day I edit myself, aiming for artistry, blending boldness with beauty, in a lifetime devoted to being and becoming love.

What is written in your luminous architecture?
What messages about life have you etched onto the boundary between you and the world?

"Stay away?" "Come in?" "Open for Business?"

Stone carving near a sacred well in Ballyvaughan, County Clare, Ireland

Stone carving near a sacred well in Ballyvaughan, County Clare, Ireland

From my daily intent written on Tuesday, August 30, 2016.
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