Inching Closer

I know I am inching closer to my dreams, despite evidence to the contrary, and regardless of my cloistered life. A greater architect has designed my days. I have laid the foundation and erected the framework for a future cathedral. Now, It will go up quickly and all my longing and desire will find expression in a waiting congregation. I can already envision the colored light seeping through tall, stained glass windows; I can already feel spirit infused in a house of love.

I imagine my first walk through the empty chamber, blessing and being blessed by the breath of God, electric and magical, the whole place almost bursting into laughter at the joy of life. I can already imagine the doors opening to curious eyes and eager hearts, to the young and old, to the lost and found, to the loved and unloved, and to seekers and sages alike.

Here I am in my element: a finned swimmer in a sea of love, a winged flyer on the current of grace; a sure-footed walker on the path of beauty. 

This is excerpted from my daily intent for Monday, August 22, 2016. Click the tag below for more in this series.

© Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

I am not affiliated with any religion. The culture I grew up in was primarily Christian, but I never attended church and there was no religious push from my parents. I am always a bit surprised when my writing expresses heavily spiritual themes.  I used to avoid this content. Now I follow my pen where it leads taking it all as a metaphor for the landscape of the soul on the journey through life.

If your future were symbolized by a building or structure,
what kind of building would it be?

What goes on inside the structure?
What life does it support or suggest?

Please share your thoughts or comments below.