A Good Practice

One of the great difficulties is remembering that we are in a two-way conversation with life. We get so caught up in our own world, our own thoughts, our own feelings, and our own chatter and we miss what life is telling us. The great revelation may be right in front of us, but we do not see it because we are engaged by our own reflection. It's a good practice to turn our attention back to life and to check our relationship with life. So often, we tell life how it should be rather than listen to what life is telling us!

Honestly track your internal dialogue for a week and it will reveal how you relate to life! It is like background noise in your universe: you may not notice it in daily life until you take the time to really listen. I gave this assignment to a client recently and she was astounded by the result reporting that she talked to herself as if life was a "kind of tyrant." Changing this fundamental attitude freed up a lot of energy and opened up new possibilities. We are constantly "wording the world" we live in and thereby creating the life we live.

The word "conversation" comes from the Latin and Greek roots meaning to turn together and was used in the 15th century to describe sexual intercourse! But it gradually came to refer to talking. An added note: Converse contains verse, which comes from the latin “vertere,” which means to turn (as in plowing fields). It is part of Universe: uni = one, hence universe means to turn as one or the whole of creation. “Versed” also means practiced, to turn over, as in study something deeply. Poetry is the use of verse to turn hearts and minds and to turn the soil of our lives in order to give new seed a chance to sprout.

What is your relationship to life?
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