A Sexy Life

Curiosity is, arguably, the greatest strength of the human species. This innate inquisitiveness or desire for knowledge is the primary driver of human accomplishment, the impetus behind science and technology, the longing at the core of spirituality, and the spark that inspires ventures into the unknown regardless of the risks or chances of success. Curiosity may well be the flame of life because, without it, the world dulls, all things flatten into monotony, and you become a mindless drone.  But with it, you come alive, things sparkle, and the world becomes thrilling and sexy.

Fear and excitement dance together naturally when you pursue your curiosity into the unknown. Revelation and discovery await, you know something tantalizing is out there, somewhere, and it may come with this next step or hide just around the corner, thrilling you even more when you don’t know what it is or what form it might take, and urging you forward and onward on a great quest into uncharted terrain. This feature of curiosity, the sense of something titillating but undefined, is the key ingredient in discovery, the pivotal mindset for revelation, and the signature skill for pursuing “goals" without attachment to form.

Cultivate this willingness to pursue a desire without limiting its form, to keep a question alive within you, and it will serve you well. This is the essence of a quest and the reason why a quest is so fundamental to living a fulfilling life. When you narrow your life to objectives, you objectify your life. You narrow your focus to the one answer, the one object, you have already selected and you cut yourself off from the treasures that can only be found on the side trips and all the riches that remain forever hidden while running the race with blinders on. Instead, let curiosity be the lead and a beautiful question be the guide and your life will be a magical adventure, a story worth telling, a sexy life worthy of the absolutely unique and irreplaceable presence you represent on the planet.

How can you cultivate your curiosity?

What beautiful question, what intriguing issue or situation, what fascinating person or project, piques your interest and urges you to explore?

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