The Crown I Claim

Writing is my first act in the morning and often I start be setting my intent for the day. Occasionally, this effort turns into poetic divination that goes beyond my day and offers a way of being in the world. This piece was written on March 14, 2016:

I roll out the red carpet; I don the coat of my nobility; I walk into this day as the celebrant, the one who sanctifies the world as divine. No matter how much of my attention the mundane may take, or how easily swayed I am by my fickle mind, my life is rooted in a god I cannot conceive and for which I have no name. I may hold myself accountable for the world in which Iive but I am also keenly aware that I am at the mercy of forces I cannot control and that carry me along on this strange and wonderful ride.

I may be deceiving myself by this idea that I have a place and purpose that goes beyond breath and body, beyond the mundane moments of my days or the span of my life. This is not a matter of faith or knowing, for I have neither. It is the cloak I wear and the crown I claim, crooked on my head, as I live with a fool's dignity in a Disney world of my creation. I know I am the fool but I fear this may be all I have. So, I roll out the red carpet, don the coat of my nobility, and walk with my battered dignity through the day and onward into my dreams.

Photo, Poem, and Recital © Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved