How Wide Is Your Embrace For your Own Life?

We are each granted an astounding breadth of experience in a lifetime. A single moment can even seem to hold lifetimes of experience in itself. We each embody known and unknown aspects of self, recognized and unrecognized expressions, potential manifested and potential that may remain dormant over a lifetime. The truth is that most of us actually barely know ourselves even after the profound intimacy of living with ourselves, and perhaps because of this intimacy, over all the years of our day-to-day life.

Any life will include great moments and low points, grace and grief, pride and regrets. Most of us learn to package ourselves up neatly, hide our treasures as well as our traumas from others, and present the same face to the world we did the day before. Consequently, we cut ourselves off from large portions of our experience, we dampen our potential, and limit our life energy. The gift of poetry is that it opens the door to all we have within us and helps us to embrace more of ourselves and our lives. The wider our embrace for our own life, the more life will flow in us and through us.

Photo, Prose, and Recital © Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved

The question for today is:
How wide is your embrace for your own life?

"Strangers To Ourselves" is a great book that describes the psychological research on the "unconscious" and explains how little we actually do know ourselves. It's Available on Amazon:

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