Emerging Presence

This note is one in a series of "letters to my future self." I composed it on October 7, 2015, for March 15, 2016.

I do not know where your travels may take you or what this day offers you. I do not know what ground you may have covered between where I am now and where you are as you read this. But I do know that you have welcomed new life into your heart. The companionship for which I have longed now echoes back in time to bring this smile to my face as if you have become both the lover and the beloved. I feel you wrapped in a warm contentment, living the poetry of life, unfolding your wisdom to the world and leaving behind a trail of beauty. I ask you to send your love back in time that I may follow the tracks that lead to you, my eyes and ears open to the presence of the beloved in my life appearing in the faces and forms of people I encounter, in the myriad and magical ways that nature gives itself to the world, and in the daily acts of life that may seem mundane on the surface but serve as a channel to the divine.

This letter is our bridge, our passage to each other. I lend you my vision, pouring my faith into your emerging presence, and I feel you giving me the strength and courage to walk across this bridge of time even though it appears I am stepping into an abyss, a nothingness into which I could forever fall, because the bridge itself forms only with each step I take. I hear you whispering inspiration in my ear knowing the future holds more promise than I can dream and I am deliriously happy, invited into a world waiting for me, lit up with life, and unfolding in a trail of beauty on which I walk like a fool in love. 

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