Is Your Horizon Big Enough To Hold Your Dreams?

Your horizon is the edge of your personal landscape—the point beyond which you cannot see, the point that limits the possible and defines the probable in your life. Every dream you dream or goal you set will be constrained by your horizon. In March 2012, walking along the beautiful beach at Scarborough, near Perth, Australia, I was captivated by the endless horizon of the ocean and I found myself pondering the question:

Is the horizon you envision for yourself
big enough to hold your dreams?

Excerpt from the introduction to my second book of poetry, Endless Horizon, available on Amazon.

Far too many of us limit our vision, keep our horizon too narrow and too close, to live anything but small lives. Living a small life means you bring less of yourself to your life, whatever form that life takes, and its opposite does not mean that you have to be famous or widely successful. When you widen the edge of the possible, you begin to see beyond your limits and your liabilities and you begin to grow beyond your learning and your love. You bring more and more of your self to life and the more of your self you bring to life, the richer, deeper, and more profound your life will be.

Expanding our horizons is part of a larger process for
transforming experience into wisdom, living life beautifully, 
making your unique contribution to the world,
and leaving behind a meaningful legacy.
I call this process: 

Wording the World

One way to widen your horizon is to engage it, to go to the edge and discover what is beyond it. When you peer over the edge of our own horizon, you will begin to see beyond the rim of possibility you have set for yourself. You will realize there is more to life than what you have allowed yourself to live.  With some dedicated effort, you will one day find yourself gazing at an endless horizon where you can see, for yourself, all things possible and you will know that a life abundant, beyond your wildest dreams, awaits you.

Photo, prose, and recital © 2012-2016 Nick LeForce


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