The Path You Know Is Yours

The path from our past always leads to the present. Hindsight leans toward inevitability as if our present arrival was fated all along. But the past does not need to dictate our present or determine our future. The beautiful thing about human life is that we can always take the next step that is right for us no matter what went before, what is happening now, or where we want to go. Unlike city streets or wooded paths, the path of the future forms with each step we take. The path is ours and the step is right when our action arises from our essence. This truth applies no matter how far afield we may feel we have gone and regardless of all the "wrong turns," missteps, or mistakes we may think we have made.

Here are my intentions for today:

Photo, prose, and recital © Nick LeForce
All Rights Reserved.

  • To lock my eyes on my future belonging
  • To let right action come from what settles me and not what sways me
  • To let my life be known from how Iive in this moment
  • To let my next step arise out of the affirmations of my heart

What step will you take today to create the path you know is yours?
Please share your thoughts and comments below.