Love The Effort

I have a practice of setting my intent for the day casting myself to how I might like to feel, be, or think in the evening before going to sleep. Today, I woke up anxious before a day when too many things came due at once and my calendar was jammed. I still carved out the time for daily writing and to fulfill my practice of setting intent. What I wrote then has been my savings grace, a little missive I have reread a few times, and with each reading I found solace in myself:

I look ahead to a jam packed day, feeling anxious to cover the ground before me. This lean forward throws me off balance, as if I am running to catch the breath I have yet to take. Instead, I take this pause to catch myself, slowing to my prime rate, putting my steps in order to serve a purpose true to my heart. There is no danger in the day, nothing that truly matters will be lost by what gets left undone. My future bounty rests assured as long as I love the effort I put into it now. Be thankful for your gifts, for the wind at your back, the ground on which you walk, and the world in which you live. Slip in a prayer for all the good that went unnoticed. Make this your turning point between the demands of the day and the dreams that will come. Set your intent to sail calm waters on the unknown sea in the shadowlands between today and tomorrow.

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Poem, picture, and recital © 2016 Nick LeForce