Context Is The Key

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Our experience depends on the context in which it occurs, and even more so, on the context of meaning in which we cast it. The word "context" derives from the middle English “con” or together plus “texere” or weaving and it originally meant "the weaving together of words." Our ancestors knew that we live in the world as we describe it, however consciously or unconsciously. The quality of our experience, on a moment-by-moment basis, is embedded in a kind of subtext, composed of our immediate internal dialogue and our unconscious descriptive map of life, that determine what events mean, how they effect us, how we should respond, and, even who we are in relationship to these events.

We use this account to make sense of it all, to make life predictable, and to keep the world manageable. Unfortunately, we are mostly at the whim of this narrative, living out the story in our lives without knowing we are the authors. Taking charge of your narrative by consciously crafting your descriptions may be the quickest route to self-actualization and the straightest path to freedom. But how? It takes heightened self-awareness, disciplined practice, and good guides. And there are some shortcuts to success.


Learn the shortcuts and gain the skills
to create the context for a  beautiful life