Your Love

I am continually fascinated by how each person finds their own unique way and how each person, and each person’s experience, is a unique expression of that human spirit. This pattern of uniqueness seems to play out in so many ways in the world, as in fractal patterns and the idea that no two snowflakes are alike. It once occurred to me that the universe (or life) loves uniqueness and continually produces unique configurations from the same basic ingredients.

This led me to an amazing insight: the universe loves the uniqueness of each person. Of all the possibilities in the universe, each one of us is absolutely unique and there is a unique love flowing from the universe to each person. It is flowing with massive abundance every second of every day. But we humans are limited in our capacity and cannot easily see or feel it in this energetic or universal form. We “get it” when it is channeled through another person or being to us, which is why we get pets and seek soulmates. We can also get it by being a conduit for the unique love for another person.

This may be why we use the term “fall” in love. It is this unique universal love for that person flowing through us, and it overwhelms and saturates us, giving us all the loving feelings that go with it. We are “swept off our feet.” Many of us long for this kind of experience without realizing that it is always available. We can actually make a practice of opening the channel for the unique love for another to flow through us. It may actually be easier to channel the unique love for another than to feel the universe’s unique love flowing into us directly.

This is one of the core beliefs that I formed as a young adult while exploring how people get through potentially devastating events in life. For more posts on core beliefs, click the tag below.

the work of "Chalk Talk," a cartoon artist in Wollongong, Australia who drew this on a Cafe wall.

the work of "Chalk Talk," a cartoon artist in Wollongong, Australia who drew this on a Cafe wall.


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You are absolutely unique. There never has been, nor ever will be another you. Your unique genetic make-up along with every single experience of your lifetime, each from the unique viewpoint of time and space that only you occupy, combine to make up a singular and peculiar personal landscape that is uniquely yours.  Only you see, hear, and feel the world as you see, hear and feel it and I believe it is your purpose to share that uniqueness.

Do you believe you are unique?
Do you believe that you, in your uniqueness, are lovable?
Do you believe the universe, the life force, or "God," loves you?

I mean really believe it and feel it; not just because your religion tells you it is so, or because you read it in a text;
but because you know it in your bones and feel it in your life.