The Geometry of The Moment

The artistry of nature often delights me. I find beauty in odd places that I suspect most people do not notice. Here, the shadows of a railing are draped across steps with a simple elegance. A work of art worthy of Mondrian, the abstract artist known for his use of lines and patterns, formed by the forces of nature when sun and shadow mingle with shape and substance in a geometry of the moment, which caught my eye before I ascended the stairway. It took only a few seconds to appreciate it, to stop and take this picture. It reminded me of the beauty and benefit of a simple pause, a moment of appreciation. These moments actually bring me back to life and out of the abstract world I inhabit, driven by my duties and my destinations, which can easily result in years passing without notice.  I give myself, and offer, this challenge: Make it a practice to take notice, to pause and bing yourself back to life.