Right now, as you read this, you are using the most powerful tool available to manage your life, influence others, and change the world! The sophisticated use of language is, by far, what distinguishes humans from other animals and it is an incredibly powerful asset, much more powerful than you may ever imagine. 

How you Word The World determines your life!

 In 2014, I recorded the basic ideas behind Wording The World. I did not use the file since I was only prepping the material to use in a webinar on the topic. However, I then put the project on hold as I moved on to other, more pressing matters and the file disappeared from my radar and got buried in the computer. Fortunately, I came across a rare copy as I was organizing my files for the upcoming workshop on Wording The World in Salem Oregon. I decided to split the file into 10 audio clips, the first three of which are presented here for the first time, including a recording of the poem, This Is Poetry

These clips are free and downloadable as my gift to you for your interest in the Wording The World Workshop. The remaining files, four through 10, explain the ingredients in communication, offer tips for effective communication, and summarize the concept of Wording The World and how it works in our lives. 

Wording The World Workshop

Dates: April 29-30
Times: 10 AM - 5:30 PM
Location: Salem, Oregon

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Wording The World Workshop: