Where Love Blossoms

Love makes its vows in redwoods and roses
and blossoms in the secret garden
where forever lovers find each other

where one day together becomes another
and another until there are no days apart

and you realize you were born of the same seed,
twin redwoods standing beside each other,
standing for each other, companions to each other
sheltering each other, and offering strength
and support for a greater thriving.

Now you realize all the struggles
of your separate growth were a preparation,
irritants needed to produce the pearl
and to make you worthy of each other,
worthy to be the beloved in the eyes
of someone truly magnificent!

And so it is with Robbie and Anna
when a ride in a black cab leads to a ring
and the circle of two became a family of five
in a grove of welcome for friends and relatives;
a grove that grows outward from an inner circle
and a secret garden where love blossoms anew
in each and every season.


Robbie and Anna shared their story of love from day one when a 1 hour business meeting became a walk in London's Regent's Park, then shared time in the St. John's Lodge Garden (the "secret garden"). That first day together became another and another until it became a marriage of two truly magnificent people!  

Anna is also a talented artist and shared these self-portraits:

Nick suggested the idea of having a bespoke poem during our wedding celebration. He created a truly magical transcription of our love story through words. We treasure the poem, which is a touching depiction of our relationship and our values. It is another token and a sweet reminder of our marriage. Nick’s talent will live on and this poem adds a touch of eternity to our love. Thank you so much, Nick.
— Anna Steinhouse