You don't need to be a poet to add poetry to your life. Capture the spirit of a special moment with a unique poem created for you by master word smith Nick LeForce. Our unique service allows you to order and customize a perfect poem for the best moments of your life. Imagine the pleasure and power of commemorating those special moments in your life through poetry sanctifies it

How It Works:

Our poem service includes

60 - 90 Minute interview

Research as necessary on names, places, etc.

Review of requested supplemental material (pictures of the event or people that you beleeive capture the spirit)

a first draft for reveiw and input from you,

editing, and a production of a final draft rendered in a font of our choosing.


First, Poet Nick LeForce will spend 60-90 minutes interviewing you to learn your story, why and how it is important to you. He will gather key words and images during the interview and will ask for supplemental material, such as pictures and references to places and people of significance.  After the interview, Nick will review all material, conduct necessary research (the meaning of a name for a baby; or information about a special place). He will weave it all into a poem that captures the essence of your moment, highlights the beaury and power of the experience, andand and gather Inspiration. We hear from our inspired clients that the interview itself is poetic and inspiring experience that reveals what is precious to you about your special  moment!
Second, our poet will create a draft based on your Inspirations, stories and photos. You can edit and fine tune the words to perfection.
Lastly, you will receive a poem just for you, written in cursive.

An unforgettable experience awaits!

Types of poems:
Order one of our special creations:

Birth of a child packet: the most tender of moments! A birth poem celebrates the child's name, your love, your family and joy. A personalized poem is a perfect addition toyour birth announcement or naming, Barmitzva or christening ceremony.

Engagement poem: love is the favorite subject of all poetry. Work with our wordsmith to select the perfect words to capture your feelings forever.

Marriage: As you write your vows, why not consider the beauty of a personalized poem as well? The poem can be used for your vows or in the guest invitation.

Graduation: Graduations mark turning points in life, like a rite of passage...

Our clients & their poem creation stories:
Nadya & Barney's birth poem creation story (link to page with our story: including photo, explanation of the meaning and poem).
Judah & Ann's love at first sign engagement poem creation story
Nick & Julia's marriage as a dream boat poem creation story 

Pricing: $999 for a co-mission package, including 60-90 minute interview, research, edits and final copy, estimated at 6 hours of wordsmith time.

7. About Nick LeForce: bio and works 

8. Rave reviews: quotes from happy customers.