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 One could argue that the world we live in is woven out of the words we speak to each other and to ourselves. The word “context“ actually means the weaving together of words. We make sense out of the context of our lives and the situations that we are in with the words we use to describe them, to explain them, to justify them, and to judge them. We mostly do this unconsciously and with a surprisingly cavalier attitude about what we say given the impact words have on us and on our lives. This devaluation of words erodes personal dignity and social cohesion, especially when it comes to “giving and keeping one’s word:” the promises and vows we make to ourselves, to others, to the world, to life, and to the great spirit.

What Is Your Word Worth?

How aligned are you with your word? Are you true to your word? Are your words true to you? Our willingness and ability to say what we mean and mean what we say can have a profound effect on the quality of our lives. Our words “live” inside of us and when we communicate, they can also live within other people. Are your words living inside you as a blessing or a curse? Are your words living inside others as a blessing or a curse?

Join Larry Dillenbeck and Nick LeForce for our next Creative Collaboration “Webversation” (a webinar because we present some of our ideas 
and a conversation because we we want to hear from you). 
We will explore the power of vows, promises, oaths
and commitments to enrich
the quality of our lives.

The Role of Vows in A Well Lived Life

Tuesday July 9th at 7:00p PM - Pacific Time
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