For most of us, the clock dictates our life, serving as the reference point for daily activities and the common denominator for organizing collective effort. Often, it takes over our lives becoming more than a reminder of what to do when and, instead, serves as a meter for meaning and a measure of our self-worth. Woe to those who "waste time" whiling away their lives on what the world judges as trivia, (like the writing of poetry)…

Research in human behavior indicates that we are healthier and happier and that we live longer, richer lives if we have a sense of purpose or if we feel we have a mission that guides our contribution to the world. The explosion of entrepreneurs since the advent of the internet is not only a reflection of expanded options in the world, but a reclamation of work as vocation: that is as a "calling."  Although we may fulfill our vocation in a larger organization, participating as an employee or agent, we still need the inner sense of meaning and purpose or we may find our lives measured in clock hands. The poem, Measure Of Your Moments, (below)is my declarative poem to live your own dream.

It is also an invitation to explore the basic philosophical question of vocation, or calling: Why am I(my unique self, with my ideas, my perspective and and my skill sets) here(in this unique situation at this moment)? This may be a question you answer addressing your whole life, or one you answer differently in different situations. And, to me, the core question is: how far you are willing to extend the reach of your heart into the world? 

Join Larry Dillenbeck and Nick LeForce for our next “webversation” 
(a webinar because we present some of our ideas 
and a conversation because we open it up for dialogue). 

Vision, Vocation, and The Reach of Your Heart
Why are you(your unique self) here(in the time, place, and situation)?

Thursday, April 25, 2019; 7:00 PM
Free and no sales pitch

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