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For as long as I remember, the horse called Desire has always arrived saddled with Guilt, and the best I could do was to ride it delicately and follow the approved path. Desire was not ruled out, but it was subject to some kind of permission or approval. I don’t know when I experienced the first heartbreak of desire, or how many breaks it took for me to hide my desire from myself. 

—Excerpted from the Introduction to
The Heartbreak Of Desire

What is your relationship to desire?

This collection of love poems explores the cycle of desire through which love flows into and out of our lives and our hearts. Desire often comes out of an emptiness when we realize we are lacking something. If not immediately satisfied and if it does not get consumed back into the void, it transforms into wanting, and, at its best, into a yearning or longing from the heart. This longing, when it meets its match, is either extinguished or it evolves into loving. Loving something or someone, especially over time is a strange mix of longing and losing. No matter how much we fight against it or try to keep what we love intact, time and life will take its toll and we will inevitably experience losing. Loss often then becomes an emptiness, a lacking that can start the whole cycle over again.

The Heartbreak of Desire is my 5th e-book of love poems published annually for Valentine’s Day. The poems are organized in the cycle of lacking, longing, loving, and losing, but they also capture common experiences related to falling and being in love: confessing your feelings, waiting for the beloved to reply or to show up, anticipating the beloved’s arrival or a particular moment, embracing the beloved or the experience of love, and missing the beloved.

Conceiving love as a cycle of desire from lacking to longing to loving to losing reveals heartbreak as a natural and necessary part of love. It makes heartbreak more bearable. It makes me more resilient, more able to integrate loss when I experience it, and more likely to rekindle desire quickly afterwards. And it makes me enjoy even the experience of lacking because I know it is  an invitation to discover what I want in my heart of hearts. It is the seed for longing with all the delight of anticipation that it offers, and for loving, which is the stuff that makes life worth living. I hope this work does the same for you!

Nick LeForce writes with his blood. His passionate, authentic search for the Real courses through every line and leaves its mark in the heart of the reader. His poetry illumines “the newness of things already known,” and never more so than when he speaks of love - the love of God, the love of another, the love that marries heaven and earth. Read his work and you will see the world with fresh eyes.
— Roger Housden, author of the 10 Poems to Change Your Life series.
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The Heartbreak of Desire is the 5th e-book of poems in my series of Valentine’s Day Love Poems.

These are the moments I live for: 
when beauty takes my breath away; 
when I am touched by love; 
when bittersweet tears fill my eyes 
for reasons I cannot understand and 
I only know something precious is happening. 
To share such a moment with someone is divine: 
the heart opens, like the peach blossom, 
and life rushes in 

—Excerpt from the poem:
The Moments I Live For

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