Loneliness Is Not Our Battle

Loneliness is not our battle. Shadow boxing is great exercise when understood for what it is. The real contest is winning our own hearts. This is not accomplished by war, but by love, by courting the Self and wooing the Soul. If we follow our heart through our days, we will find its secret loves, and we can choose those to which we can devote ourselves without hesitation. Then, If we act accordingly, with tender care, as if we are laying flowers at the doorstep of the beloved, we will be received. Soon, the shades will lift, the door will open, we will be welcomed home and the light of belonging will flow into us.

Then we will know there is no separation between inside and outside, no distance between the hearts of kindred souls. We will know our togetherness, no matter where we are in the world, in a felt presence as if we walk side-by-side, hand-in-hand. This is not the idle fantasy of a lonely heart, it is the revelation of love as our divine heritage, which is lost or hidden from us in the trials and triumphs of worldly life. It is the open secret, the truth to which we are blind because we look for it elsewhere.

I rarely feel lonely even though I spend more time alone than almost any one that I know. I have a rich inner life and can easily entertain myself. I feel an incredible intimacy with life and the world. And when I feel the sting of loneliness, I take it as a precious gift, a reminder that human hearts are meant to share a beat, and that I am social creature as much as the next person.

Are you more likely to treat yourself as a friend or a foe?

© Nick LeForce
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