The Vision

I believe that we are on an awesome and dangerous cusp in our evolution. We have the capacity to wreak unimaginable destruction or to create a dream planet.  If we can find our way back to our hearts, to the core of our humanity, we can elevate ourselves and each other and live out our potential as individuals and as a species. It starts with a shift in how we view ourselves, each other, and the world so that we become caretakers rather than dictators because we realize that what we do to others, we do to ourselves, and to our children. Toward this end, I envision a world in which we see and bring out the best in each other.

The Mission

I want to bring the beauty and depth of poetic communication to Transformational Work around the world.  The "Endless Horizon World Tour" is designed to fulfill this vision. I plan to visit change agents the world over with an initial focus on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Institutes since I have an intimacy with that world. I will offer poetry recitals and workshops to inspire us to see and bring out the best in ourselves, in each other, in our companies, and in our communities.

 Post says: What is poetry that does not save nations or people?--Czeslaw Milosz

Post says: What is poetry that does not save nations or people?--Czeslaw Milosz

Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful.
— Rita Dove

The Concept

We all need reminders that restore us to ourselves, that give us back our time, that open our hearts and minds to the deeper truths that guide us on our path. Poetry is the language of the soul and has the capacity, perhaps more than any other form of communication, to touch hearts and transform lives. Transformational Poetry speaks to the longing in us to live fully and to walk our own path with heart, even as we walk in a world of distraction and dissonance, a world that often strives to claim us for its own ends.

Poetry is the secret ingredient in powerful speeches, leaving a trail of memorable lines that lift one's eyes to greater horizons. It is used, either knowingly or naturally, by all effective communicators. And yet, it is not taught or touted, and only rarely included in our education.  I have worked in the field of human communication and transformation for over 35 years. I have taught Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy around the world.  These behavioral technologies offer incredibly powerful tools for effective communication, but they leave out one of the most powerful communication tools of all: poetry. 

Prose is invaluable as a means of explanation and argument; poetry, however, does not explain, It goes straight to the heart of an experience and delivers it, at its best, in the form of a precise and essential truth that human beings anywhere can recognize. It is inspired utterance...
— Roger Housden, Author

How to Participate:

Join The Tour!

Several ways to participate:

Follower: For the simply curious who want to follow the tour online. You can enjoy being an armchair adventurer and join the tour from the comfort of your home! You will receive notifications of travel, access to my travel blog, and special notifications of events. To follow, fadd your name to the mailing list to the right.

Fan: For those willing to support the tour with encouragement; offer suggestions about what to include; offer connections to people who may help; and who are wiling to promote the tour to your network by posting, or sharing posts, in your social media, blog, or through your email list. See World Tour Sponsor (page under construction).

Friend: For those willing to offer assistance in logistics, such as face-to-face meetings while in your area, or willing to spend time with a poet, to offer services, such as tour guidance in your area; or to offer accommodations by hosting the transformation poet at your house. See World Tour Sponsors (page under construction)

Fellow: For those willing to support the success of the tour by hosting free or paid events, including small or large group poetry readings, or workshops that align with your audience, highlight your vision and mission, and enhance your organization. These workshops weave poetry with transformation, incorporate NLP, hypnotherapy, or other change technologies, and can be tailored to specific topics that support your desired outcomes. See World Tour Hosts.

Angels: Those willing to provide financial support for the tour through  donations or who are willing to underwrite a portion of the tour. Travel is very expensive and I am making every effort to reduce costs, redeeming  airline miles to cover costs as much as possible and relying on the hospitality of local people for accommodations and ground support. Any amount helps! 10% of all donations will go to the Make A Wish Foundation ( For more information about becoming a donor, see World Tour Angels (page under construction).

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Countries and Hosts:

The following is a list of friends and fellows who are providing direct support and serve as contact people in each respective country. For more info, go to World Tour Hosts

  • Canada -- Colette Normandeau
  • China--Mr. Wu NLPU
  • England--Robbie Steinhouse
  • France--Gilles Roy; Jean-Francois Thiriet; Christine Genotal
  • Germany--Gudrun Reinschmidt; 
  • India--Arvind Varshney
  • Indonesia, Bali--Marion Wu
  • Indonesia, Jakarta--Irene Corry
  • Italy--Paolo Svegli
  • Japan--Takahito Ko
  • Malaysia--Annie Chong
  • Mexico--Juan Francisco Ramirez Martinez 
  • Reunion Island (French Overseas)--Corinne Tanjon
  • Switzerland--Kathrin M. Wyss
  • Sri Lanka--Dayan Fernando

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World Tour Hosts
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My life has been the poem I would have writ
But I could not both live and utter it.
— Henry David Thoreau